Windsor FC Reappoints Micky Woodham as First Team Manager
Monday 23rd July 2018

Following Micky Woodham's surprise resignation as Manager 2 weeks ago, the club is pleased to announce that the new Manager will in fact be the old Manager - Micky Woodham!

Founding Director Kevin Stott says, "I received a message from Micky while I was on holiday last week offering his sincere apologies for the comments he had made in the local press and the way he had handled his resignation. On reflection he felt that he had made a big mistake in resigning and wanted to meet on my return to discuss whether it would be possible to find a way for him to be reinstated as Manager."

"We met on Tuesday afternoon at the club (17th July) and following a 2 hour conversation and subsequent discussion with Ashley Smith (First Team Coach) and Interim Manager, we agreed as a group that it would be in the best interests of the club if Micky were to be reinstated as First Team Manager with Ashley continuing in his role as First Team Coach."

Micky Woodham says, "I'm more than delighted with this outcome. In truth I"ve always had a good working relationship with Kevin and I think it"s fair to say that we"ve achieved a lot together over the last 6 years."

"I went away on holiday after a very successful but equally exhausting season and managed to get myself into a bit of a two and eight over a number of small things that normally wouldn"t have bothered me. When you are Manager of a club like Windsor there are times when the phone calls and texts never stop and it"s easy to lose your sense of perspective when all you really want is a break from it all with your family."

"I'm pleased that we can now put all of this behind us and I can"t wait to get stuck into the new season and build on last season"s success."

Courtesy of Kevin Stott

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