Tinky Winky In Line For Vacant Managers Position
Tuesday 14th June 2011

Following much speculation about the vacant Manager's position at newly formed Windsor F.C. the club can now confirm that it has been in secret talks with Tinky Winky over the last few weeks. (See Windsor F.C. forum 'NEW MANAGER SHOCK ANNOUNCEMENT')

Tinky Winky the former World of Your Own United star striker is the first Tele-tubby to hold a UEFA Pro coaching Licence.

When asked to comment on the current situation Tinky Winky said, rumours that he was not interested in the position were completely, 'LAA - LAA'

Speculation that Colonel Gadaffi was a serious contender for the number 2 position was also dismissed by Tinky Winky as 'PO.'

Windsor F.C.'s Founding Director Kevin Stott said, 'It's true that I've had conversations with Tinky Winky along with other similarly qualified candidates - however anyone who thinks that I will be rushed into a decision of such importance must be 'DIPSY!'

Windsor F.C. will donate £5 to Helen & Douglas House for every additional creative comment added to the 'NEW MANAGER SHOCK ANNOUNCEMENT' forum thread up to a maximum of £1000.


Courtesy of Malcolm Williams

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